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Don't tell us! You've just discovered a pile of old movies lying around and you'd like to transfer and preserve them.. Using the very latest in quality digital studio technology, we can output your film to professionally mastered DVDs and other formats such as Mini DV that will allow you to even edit your movies at home!

News: Malvern College Choose us to transfer their Cine Film!
We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen to transfer their various 16mm cine films from the sixties as part of their centenary celebrations. To view a brief sample, simply click here!

"Thank you for the excellent service you have given. Prompt, courteous, efficient and professional. Service of a high order" Pat Purcell, Old Malvernian Society.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our processes and personal service.

Options include easy listening music, titles, personalised covers, copies & dvd chapters (for skipping!) Oh.. and we also provide a discount on greater quantities! enquire now! or call us on +44 (0) 1273 236630.

Cine Film Transfers - Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm & 9.5mm Formats
(All Prices include VAT)
Part 1: Set Up Charge: (A one off charge per entire order):
(This is a one off only setting up charge for the entire order. Preparation is everything. This is where your film is checked, prepared & dusted off!)
Part 2: Capturing your Cine Films: (Standard 8, Super 8)
50ft Reel (3" Diametre) Typically 3-4 Minutes
200ft Reel (5" Diametre) Typically 12-17 Minutes
400ft Reel (7" Diametre) Typically 24-35 Minutes
600ft Reel (8" Diametre) Typically 35-40 Minutes
1000ft Reel (10" Diametre) Typically 30-80 Minutes
*NB: (this is a guide only and reels with say 5" of footage on a 7" reel will be charged at lower rate) - On receipt, we'll contact you to confirm safe receipt and costs)
Capturing your Cine Films: (16mm & 9.5mm Cine Film)
For 16mm Cine Film - Add 15% to above capture price section
For 9.5mm Cine Film - Add 25% to above capture price section
Not sure if your film has sound or not?
Don't worry if you're not sure. We'll pick it up whether it's 'optical' or 'magnetic' at no extra charge whatsoever.
Part 3: Output to DVD
Mastered DVD: (Includes free Special Offer VHS Copy on request too!)
VHS: (Special Offer - High Grade VHS Copy in addition to DVD only)
Part 4: Editing Options:
DIY Editing (i.e removing, re-ordering or enhancing your film):
Due to the huge increase in customers looking to take greater control over their material, we are often asked for an additional edit friendly version. This has been fuelled by easy to use and economical editing software along with increasingly powerful PCs. (These options are much better for editing than playback DVDs which are better suited for general viewing purposes and storage).
DV AVI File (PC) (Easy to Use for Editing - Price Per Hr of Footage)
DV AVI Files provide the highest quality version that we offer. They are large files (roughly 15GB per Hr) that we supply on a portable hard drive. Thereafer they can simply be imported into your editing program. These files also allow a great deal of versatility in respect of what you can with the video therefater (i.e adjusting light levels etc). For those after a quality finish, the golden rule to edit in a quality format initially (such as the DV AVI file) and then distil to a more compressed format such as mpeg2 to make your dvd thereafter. The original DV AVI files can then be kept as a master version for your family archives. The portable hard drive itself can either be supplied by us or yourself if you have one handy with lots of space.
MPEG2 Files - (Per Hr - Supplied on DVDs)
In the hiarachy of video files, these are more compressed than avi files and hence smaller in size. Here you simply load the videos files onto your PC via our discs. Alternatively, for an additional cost, we can make your life even simpler by providing your files on an external hard drive.
Mini DV (Economical Route for DIY Editing! - (One hr max per Mini DV)
Considered by many to be an ideally suited format, Mini DV provides an economical but high quality solution which is simple to import into your PC. You'll just need access to an everyday Mini DV camcorder from which you can output your film.
Quicktime Files (MAC) (Easy to Use for Editing - Price Per Hr of Footage)
These are high quality files that are particuarly suitable for mac users. Here you simply load the video files onto your Mac vi an external drive which can either supplied to us or purchased from us.
Part 5: Enhancements:
Additional DVD Copy
3 for 2 DVD Copies Offer: 
3 for £18
Option 1. Chapters with Titles: £5.99 each
For a magnificent introduction to your movie, we can create a menu complete with an image for each reel which also plays a brief section of each clip in a continuous loop. Below each film is your chosen title along with a main one at the head of the screen. When you click on an image, you'll jump straight your favourite reel. Alternativley, you might chose to play the entire DVD.

The above image is an illustration of how typical chapters would appear (without each video playing). We also offer a full range of styles to suit different occasions such as weddings.
Option 2: Basic DVD Chapter Menu: £1.99 each
Here, we provide a simple image for each of your clips as a menu on the DVD but without any titles. This cost effective feature enables you to visually identify and play the clip that you want to play without any fuss. Alternatively, you can always play everything consequetively.
Option 3: Automatically Created Chapter Points
(This points simply allow you to advance (skip) forward in 10 minute increments. There are no titles or images involved)
Editing Work Per Hour (NB: Alternatively, see DIY Options above)
£49 ph
Title at beginning of movie £4.99
Background Music Per hr
If you require us to add royalty free music, please observe copyright laws.
In short, you should only request option if you have the permission of the copyright owner or you own the copyright(s). For inclusion of your own choice of music (supplied to us on CD) please add an additional £4.00 per CD.

(NTSC) DVD copy of your film (per DVD) Perfect for those with relatives in the USA or Canada or vice versa
Discounts on Quantities:
Being remarkably fair people.., we will of course provide a discount on greater quantities..enquire now! or call us on +44 (0) 1273 236630.
(Prices include VAT and protective cases)
P&P free for all orders over £95. No Upfront Payment at all required -
We'll contact you on completion.
10 Free Services:
Personally adjusted colour, contrast and sharpening
Repair of broken splices
Removal of any blank recordings
Professionally printed and customised disks with an image and text of your choice
Return Track & Trace Recorded Delivery for orders over £95  
NEW! Backup DVD on request for even added security
NEW! Free chosen print from a completed DVD on request
No extra charge for cine films with sound
Winding on 'back-to-front' films
An attractive and protective DVD case
Track and Trace - For Our Customers Peace of Mind
In a poll of our customers, posting rated as one of the most important areas of concern. We understand this and offer a full Track & Trace facility for every parcel that leaves our studios. Upon despatch we'll email you with details of your delivery so you know exactly when you can expect it, along with your tracking reference number.
Recorded Delivery Free for Order over £95 - Otherwise £5.99
Special Delivery - On request
Safety First Postage Option:  
Worried about having your precious cine films and dvd lost in the post? - Don't! For an extra £2.49, we'll post the dvd(s) first and then send your original cine film separately once you've safely received it.
All prices include VAT. No Upfront Payment at all required
We'll contact you on completion.
Our studio uses top quality digital equipment which is specifically designed to digitally transfer your material. Where employed in conjuntion with mini dv transfers for example, 3CCD transfers guarantee outstanding detail at the capture phase getting you off the the perfect start.
For 8mm film here is a guide, but you need to understand that is is possible to have recorded the film at 16, 18 or 24 frames per second so this time should be considered a good guess, but not precise. Film Duration Reel Diameter Inches) & Length Feet (Metres) Duration - minutes:

3" Reel = 50' 3.5mins
5" Reel = 200' 15min
7" Reel = 400' 30min

16mm Film will be shorter (roughly half the durations above)

The width and sprocket holes should be helpful, also super 8 comes (mostly) on reels that have a larger centre hole as compared to standard 8:
1932 marked the introduction year by Eastman Kodak of the revolutionary 8mm film gauge, known as Double Run 8mm or Double 8mm movie film (also as Double Regular 8mm, Regular 8mm, Standard 8mm or Normal 8mm). This film gauge was clearly based on its 16mm big brother, and had an additional sprocket hole added, with a frame size 1/4th that of 16mm film. Eight millimetre also underwent a transformation in 1965. The frame image was enlarged by 50% by using smaller vertical perforations. The so called super 8 film was supplied in 50' 8mm cassettes.

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