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Common Requests
Removing & Re-ordering Material
Scene Transitions
DVD Duplication

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Okay! So now you've transferred your film and you're faced with frame after frame of priceless moments that you'd like to polish up a little? Perhaps you have footage that needs to be placed in the correct order with the odd bits removed? The great thing is that we’re living in an exiting age of economical DIY editing possibilities.

your interest is, enquire now! or call us on +44 (0) 1273 236630.

Common Editing Requests:
Although these examples are not exhaustive, here are a few of the common requests that we have helped people and organisations with:

1. Removing & Re-ordering Material.
This is commonly asked fior where unwanted footage is to be removed or reloacted elsewhere in the movie.

2. Titles:
We can begin movies with a title of your choice and even end it this way too.

3. Video Enhancements This is the term that we use where slight and precise adjustments need to be made to the film. Examples include sound levels being raised, music being added or scenes being faded.

4. Chapters & DVD Authoring
This is where we take an ordinary film and cut it into pieces by adding an impressive interactive visual menu at the beginning of the movie. This adds a professional edge to your finished work by allowing you to choose and simply jump staright to your desired part of the film. A title can precede the chapters if deriable and the film can even be configured to play in a loop should this be required.

5. Video Restoration
Video restoration is where film has been damaged or is generally in need of greater repair. Here we can sharpen detail, improve colours and modify sound to name but a few examples.

6. Transitions
Where appropriate, we might add a seamless transition such as a fade or page turn to indicate a change of subject matter in the movie.

Per Hour (Call for Estimate)

Getting it right first time saves cost!

To ensure that things goes as smoothly as possible, we can provide an 'Edit Decision List' to you. This simple form helps you focus on what precisely needs to be done and aims to capture precise timings and scene changes along with any other supplemenatary explanations that may desire. Should you want to discuss this, enquire now! or call us on +44 (0) 1273 236630.
(Prices include VAT, DVD and Protective Case)
P&P free for all orders over £95. No Upfront Payment at all required -
We'll contact you on completion.
Additional DVD Copy
3 for 2 CD/DVD Copies Offer: 
3 for £18
DVD Label Customisation
Supply the graphics and we'll setup the labeling process to print your design
DVD Duplication Complete with Onbody DVD Printing
(DVD -/+) Per DVD
25-99 £1.60
100-299 £1.80
300-499 £1.60
500-999 £1.50
1000 plus - Call for up to date prices
DVD Duplication Without any Printing
(DVD -/+) Per DVD
10-499 £1.20
1000 plus - Call for up to date prices
Onbody DVD Printing Only:
(DVD -/+) Per DVD
1-1000 £1.40
1000 plus - Call for up to date prices enquire
NB. Prices DVD Inlays are priced separately. DVD Printing prices may vary dependant on ink coverage. All prices exclude vat.
Free Services:
Grade A discs to minimise any risk of faulty discs Free!
Professionally printed and customised disks with an image and text of your choice Free!
NEW! Backup CD on request for even added security
An attractive and protective DVD case Free!
Return by recorded delivery – It’s safer Free!
Electronic track and trace - For peace of mind on delivery Free!
Track and Trace - For Our Customers Peace of Mind
In a poll of our customers, posting rated as one of the most important areas of concern. We understand this and offer a full Track & Trace facility for every parcel that leaves our studios. Upon despatch we'll email you with details of your delivery so you know exactly when you can expect it, along with your tracking reference number.
Recorded Delivery Free for Order over £95 - Otherwise
Special Delivery - On request
Safety First Postage Option:  
Worried about having your precious cine films and dvd lost in the post? - Don't! For an extra £2.49, we'll post the dvd(s) first and then send your original cine film separately once you've safely received it.
All prices include VAT. No Upfront Payment at all required - We'll contact you on completion.   
Our studio uses top quality digital transfer machines specifically designed to digitally transfer your material. During the transfer itself, we can even digitally remaster and repair your film as it transfers it to DVD. The benefit to you is a dramatic improvement in both the visual and audio quality.
This is especially important with older tapes that have suffered over time in respect of a slight fading for example. Here are some technical details behind one of our analogue to digital processes for example:

Proven DV Codec Technology

Tthe DV codec chip providing the industry's best picture quality preservation during analog-to-DV and DV-to-analog conversion.

Clean, Stabilise and Enhance Analog Video

We employ advanced 3D Y/C separation and 3D noise reduction
functions for enhancing analog video quality. Poor analog source video is filtered prior to DV conversion to provide better quality video.

Advanced Image Enhancement Features

- 2D/3D Y/C separation – Separates the Y/C (S-Video) signal to RGB using chronological information between signals (applicable for NTSC only)

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